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Antiochis one of the cosmopolitan cities in the Republic of Turkey. This city hosts many different communities which have learned to live together for a very long time from different ethnic origins and religions. It has nominated and elected by UNESCO as second city of peace in the world. Maintained in accordance with the structure of a multi-cultural cities throughout the history belonging to the same nation, there are more than one religious community. Next tothe largest population of Turks, Sunni Arabs have a majority, Alawi Arabs (Nusayri), Assyrians, Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Protestant, the Arabs, the Arabs Maronites, Armenians, Jews, Georgians, and other small communities, combine to form the structure of a multi-cultural dynamics of Hatay.

  • In the city of Antioch, which is given the name of Christianity for the first time in history,there are the most important churches of Christianity that named as the Church of St.Pierre. The church is in the UNESCO world heritage list of suggestions.But alsoas a place of pilgrimage for Christians, the Church accepted a Catholic rite and is held here every year on 29th of June.
  • This city is rich intourist attractions. The world's second largest mosaiccollection is in the Hatay Archaeological Museum.
  • Each year,between July 21 to 23 in the city of Antioch Tourism and Art Festival is organized.
  • The second longest beach in the world is in Samandağ